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Drunken Mile

It’s fun to do stupid things when you are drunk. But what if you could drink, do stupid things and do sports at the same time? Like running a mile! .. naked.. and drunk. Of course, not everyone would be happy about your distinct style, but hey – haters gonna hate! It’s your performance that wins the medal, not your style!All this can get you in biiig trouble if done in real life. Luckily, you can try it conveniently and consequence-free with Drunken Mile! All you need to do is to swipe up and down at the right time.

Drunken Mile Hack

Game Info

Name: Drunken Mile
Category: Games > Casual
Requires: 5.1 and above
Last Updated: on 13 August, 2019
Ratings: 4.7 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Unlocked / Unlimited Everything
Platform: Online Generator

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Recent Updates

Trophies and new map Update:- Trophies added- new map- new controls- short tutorial for controls- new soundtrack- sound button bug fixed- pause just before the end bug fixed- not stopping bullet bug fixed- number of smaller bug fixes- performance optimization

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