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Ever look up at the starry sky and wonder why this moon look so familiar? The breeze in your hair and the light in distance all feel so yesterday. No, not yesterday, but someday in your life, maybe in your childhood. Or are you living a moment that have already been lived. If so, do you want to break the wheel of the endless Samsara and embark on the journey to the ever-ongoing cultivation, the journey to immortality.In this world, you can enjoy immersive experience of how the ancient taoists pursued the permanent goal since The Creation, that is immortality. Incredible SkillsIn this world, the beauty and profoundness of Chinese kungfu will unfold before you. As you level up your learning, you shall see the diversity of all the skills, with some inspired by animal, some given by celestial beings, and some invented from genius whimsy. Come and find out!Various sectsGreat aspiration entails hard work for sure, but luckily you are never alone. In this world, there are various sects/schools accessible where you could meet prestigious masters and even become their favorite student. With your talent and their guidance, you are bound to make a difference.Lovely CompanionsSome loneliness cannot be repelled by warmth from pals. During this ever-ongoing pursuit, you will seldom get a taste of such a feeling for there are lots of partners along the journey. There is a culturally accepted concept called as “dual cultivation”. Come and find out what it means.Surprising DiscoveryIn this world, divine beasts can be spotted and tamed as your pet; precious spiritual stones hides themselves in the places your least expect; and rare herbs, celestial weapons, magical talisman… All awaits your discovery.

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Name: Journey to Immortality
Category: Games > Simulation
Requires: 4.1 and above
Last Updated: on 08 October, 2020
Ratings: 3.8 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Free Shopping/Purchases
Platform: Online Generator

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What’s new:* New Secret Place: WangwuWelcome to the world of oriental myths, celestial beings, and legendary immortals.It is a game like no other and it leads you to a land with no bummer.Magic, kungfu, monsters, deities, demons and other things you have never seen will all show before your eyes.The journey to immortality!Your journey to real fantasy!

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