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“Marble Fun Numbers!” Number’s game, write numbers and count numbers that are interesting for children. Together with Marbel Fun Numbers, the children will be invited to know the numbers, learn to count and learn to understand the story then answer the questions and learn to write numbers.There are many ways to teach math, recognize letters and to count to our children. Marbel will assist preschool children, family planning, kindergarten, early childhood from 2 years to 6 years old. Marbel Fun Numbers is the best mathematical app for kids.FUNNING LEARNING ACTIVITY1. Learn the numbers 1 – 10. Learning numbers not just know the numbers. However, children will also be invited to learn how to write numbers correctly.2. Learning to Count. Children will be invited to learn to count the number of marine animals. Lots of funny fish characters2. In addition to learning to count, children can also recognize the types of fish and other marine animals. Such as Jellyfish, octopus, sea horse, shellfish, squid, starfish and sea turtle.3. Understanding the problem through the story. There is a collection of short stories that can accompany children learn counting. In the matter of this story, children are also invited to learn to sort the numbers through the game connecting dot.4. Play guess the number of objects. In this game, the child will be given a matter and the child must count the number of objects shown then choose the correct answer.5. Play a sequence of numbers. This game will hone the child’s ability and memory of the child.6. Play Puzzle. The game sorts the numbers and installs the numbers puzzle.Marbel Fun Numbers: designed specifically for children. Lots of funny characters. Like a wide variety of marine animals, games by train, games by ship and many more. Marbel Fun Numbers is also complete with funny and cute animations. Ayoooo learn numbers, write numbers and count numbers with Marbel!This app can be classified into children’s learning apps, educational apps, educational games, study books, interactive learning, puzzle games, children’s games.About Marbel & FriendsMarbel & Friends is special game intended for children aged 6 – 12 years old. Unlike the previous Marbel series which focus on education application, Marbel & Friends is more focusing on games. However, we can still learning while playing. Take for example Sasa learn about proffesion through simulation game, learn about loving animals through pet game, learn about creativity, and many more. It’s good for mom who has child. Contact UsWe would appreciate your critics and suggestion. Don’t be hesitate to send it to:Email: [email protected] information about MARBEL:Facebook: @educastudioImportantFor mom, make sure to give a proper game for your children in order to avoid misused of technology. Beside a game, Marbel Fun Vegetables and Fruits is also an educational media. This application is categorized as simulation, edu-games, learning apps, book, interactive learning, puzzle game, children game, boy and girl game, drawing book, coloring book.This app can be downloaded free. All standard features can be played free. However, several features only can be played by purchasing the full version. This app also displays advertisement. If you do not want the ads appeared, you can purchase the full version.

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Name: Marbel Fun Math & Numbers
Category: Games > Educational
Requires: 4.3 and above
Last Updated: on 21 September, 2020
Ratings: 4.4 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Unlimited Resources/Money
Platform: Online Generator

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