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the perfect tool for all players of card game Magic.This is for the Community – HAVE FUN!Fast card search:- always up to date, background autoupdate- fast search with alternative language selection- detailed card information, all sets, all images, rules to single cards, card legalities- live price requests (current, trend, foil prices)- add cards to my decks or list with one click- random card requests- power search: extended search engine with huge filter possibilities- rule search: textual search in all rulesmy deck lists:- easy to use and deck management- categorize your decks (e.g. commander, standard, modern, casual)- sort decks by date, name or decktype- fast card search in all decks- import decklists from .dec or .txt files or by easy text copy-paste and auto-analyse text to decklist.deck editor:- mighty deck editor for all your deck conserns- fast search for any card in deck- visual deck analysis with mana, color and type distribution- many sort and group functions (e.g. card types, mana costs, card tags, colors)- different views on decks by listview, compact view or grid image view- manage deck main- and sideboard- export deck in different formats and share it with any application that can handle text, html or .dec files (e.g. add to dropbox, send by whats app)- add custom tags to your deck cards- generate start hand from deckmy card lists:- manage all your card lists.- fast search in all your lists for a card- share lists or part of lists with the world- predefined list types “collection”, “checklist” and “cube” with special handling according to list type- import lists from any supported type – add cards from your lists to your decks in no timecard editor:- you got a fancy idea for your personal card? No problem – use the integratated card editor and design whatever you feel like!- share your designs with your friends by easy image export- let your imagination run wild! draft Engine:- imporve your draft skills with this mighty mobile draft engine.- choose from any draftable set available- create your own draft pools (e.g block draft)- show draft pick info from live server data to support and improve your draft pick decissions!- show my draft deck any time by switching to draft deck view- sort draft deck by average pick number- test your draft deck with the battlefield engine!booster:- open booster from any set- create your own sealed card pools and create a sealed deck- get quick card infos for all cards in your pool- improve your skills in sealed draft!battlefield:- test your decks in this mobile game emulator- choose two decks from your deck list and start a quick game- simulation of all game zones (library, hand, battlefield, graveyard, exil, stack)- simulation of all round steps- play, attack, block, cast spells, manipulate library, track life, create tokens or counters, manipulate card data, tap or untap cards gametracker:- manage your personal play round and add favorite players, track game duels or whole tournaments- tournament editor with many options (swiss, random rounds, each against all, round timer, tournament type and much more). lifetracker for tracking your games- get statistics of all your games, tournaments for all your favorite players and share results as images with your friends

MTG Instant Hack

Game Info

Name: MTG Instant
Category: Games > Card
Requires: 4.1 and above
Last Updated: on 28 October, 2019
Ratings: 3.6 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Unlimited Shopping / In-App Purchases
Platform: Online Generator

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Recent Updates

3.5Throne of Eldrain update3.4Basic database updated with all cards up to m20 – in case any cards missing after this update please clear application data once!Draft – MH1 added snow-covered landsPreview sets – not yet released sets are taggedPLEASE USE SET CARD LIST VIEW AND THEN SET INFO ACTION BUTTON AND RELOAD SET OPTION IN CASE ANY CARDS MISSING!!3.3Draft – Bug fixes for new sets – MH1 & M20 draft enabled3.2Modern Horizons Support3.1 Bugfix version

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