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A casual/addictive/puzzle game for everybody.Numbers Game is a fun and addictive mobile version of the old Numbers Game (some people call it Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds or Numbers – the Numbers Game) you played with paper and pen, now for Android phones and tablets. It is a cool game for kids and adults, in which you have to cross out all numbers on the screen.Numbers Game uses no critical permissions, needs nearly no storage space, and is totally free and ad-free (no in-app purchase).-HOW TO PLAY-In this logic game you have to find two numbers which are the same or together ten (10). Then the two numbers will be crossed out. For example 7 and 3, 1 and 9 or 6 and 6.The two numbers have to be side by side or about each other. By doing this you can skip crossed out numbers.If no more numbers fit together you have to press the “Check” button and all the not crossed out numbers are written behind the remaining ones. You have to look carefully, that you do not miss any matching numbers.The goal is to cross out all numbers. Try it out now!If you want an introduction to the game from a user’s point of view, I can recommend this page: contains an introduction and a very detailed strategy.This numbers game has following features and advantages:– 5 modes- instruction- statistics- automatic save/load- back button to undo the last turn- help button (if you can’t find two numbers which fit together)- restart button- clear button to remove empty lines- possibility to change colors (highlight combinations, switch to dark for playing in bed,…)- simple UI- share your result on Facebook, Whatsapp,…- compatible for most Android devices- totally free (no in-app purchase)- no adsThe Numbers Game Numberama (Take Ten, Seeds, Numbers – the Numbers Game) also makes kids to count and improve some basic math or numeracy skills. For adults it is a funny and addictive number game to train the brain. A good alternative for sudoku, number puzzles or crossword puzzles.Note: You might need some patience for solving the game!Now explore deep challenge for you mind and enjoy this number game, Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds, the really different number puzzle game or whatever you call it and try to cross out all numbers in the best time killer ever!Lars

Numbers Game - Numberama Hack

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Name: Numbers Game – Numberama
Category: Games > Casual
Requires: 3.0 and above
Last Updated: on 30 November, 2019
Ratings: 4.6 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Unlimited Resources/Money
Platform: 100% Online

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Recent Updates

Version 2.8.68: – Reduced app size, removed failing dependenciesVersion 2.8.67: – Dutch added (thanks to Isabelle)Version 2.8.66: – Added close button for ingame statistics- Now empty rows will be deleted too if clicking “clear” in column mode- new app Notify me released, check “About” to find the new appVersion 2.8.58: – Click on the arrow at the control buttons to view ingame statistics

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