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A RPG encounter companion for commonly frequented areas. Currently these are: Inns, Cities, Hamlets, Roads, Rivers, Plains, Forests, Hills and Mountains.What might occur when your party get to those areas, sometimes when you haven’t planned for it? What is it called? Who is there? Where can they camp? Who do they meet? What do they see if they go down there?We try to answer all those questions with the push of a few buttons. Have a look on this app store. You will find nothing that comes close to the choices we offer you. And all free with no adverts. The content is system agnostic so can be used with Dungeons and Dragons (any version), Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, WFRP, Runequest and so on.In this app you will find:Random encounter generators, places of interests or campsites for all areas except Inns which gives tens of thousands of choices.Name generators for Inns (70k+), streets(650k+), districts(350k+), hamlets(350k+) and NPCs (over 2 quintillion ).There are basic plot hooks for Characters(100) and Events(50) in the Inn area.The ability to submit your own content for inclusion in subsequent releases.Remember, all of this is free with no adverts.For those of you who want more, we offer a premium unlock for the Inn area. This opens up:Expanded descriptions for more colourful characters and intriguing events (over 53,000 words of more content for 300 characters and 150 events.)The ability to save plot hooks for later, reorder them, hide them and manage them.All areas will offer premium content in subsequent updates.Cheers!Wolfshield Games. (www.apps.wolfshield.co.uk)

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Name: RPG Encounter Companion
Category: Games > Role Playing
Requires: 4.0.3 and above
Last Updated: on 04 July, 2020
Ratings: 3.4 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Free Money/Resources
Platform: Online Generator

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