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Vektor “The Courier”In this free-to-play action game, you assume the role of “The Courier”. A wet-wired courier, whose mission is to deliver “top secret” data to aid the fight against the corrupt corporate goverment. While streching through the endless highway, you battle against the corporate merceneries, who would not hesitate to use any means necessary to prevent you from delivering the “package”.- Intense Run and Slash Gameplay.- Fight your way through busy traffic and three different enemies.- Boss Fight!- 2-Axis Movement- Atmospheric Cyberpunk environment.- Retro Electro Soundtrack.- Neverending Fun!Move your bike by tilting your device on both axis, tap right or left of the screen to swing your sword to desired sides.(If you want to change your playing position while in-game, pause the game and hit “Calibrate”)(This game is Ad supported.)

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Game Info

Name: Vektor 1.0
Category: Games > Action
Requires: 2.3 and above
Last Updated: on 13 January, 2015
Ratings: 4.4 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Free Shopping/Purchases
Platform: Browser Based

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