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World Flags Quiz

World Flags Quiz Game App provides the important information about the Flags of the world, capital city of the country.Country Flag Quiz App contains Country info like Country Flag, Country Capital City, Currency, Population, Area, Language, Calling Code, Internet Domain, Continent.This app is offline App Internet connection NOT required to play country flags quiz All World flags quiz.Search for a Country Flags using search bar.Bookmark a Country.Select Continent to see the countries belonging to the selected Continent.Test your knowledge with three different quizzes including world flags.Learn world flags and play capital quiz.With this App you can play three Quiz.Country Flags Quiz GameCountry Capitals QuizCountry Currency QuizWorld Flags Quiz GameWorld Capital Quiz World Currency QuizKnowing about All World Flags can be fun and insightful.Learning about All world country flags can be fun. This app contains more than 200 country flags country capital city and county currency and Country quiz capital quiz world flags quiz.You can browse the country flags and capital city by continents. If select Europe continent the you can get all the country of the Europe.You can add a country to favorite list and learn about your favorite country flags capitals currency and play World Flags Quiz Game.

World Flags Quiz Hack

Game Info

Name: World Flags Quiz
Category: Games > Trivia
Requires: 4.1 and above
Last Updated: on 22 August, 2020
Ratings: 4.3 / 5
Price: Free
Features: Free Money/Resources
Platform: Online Generator

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Updated Population, Capitals, Flags for Countries.

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